International Trade Forum

Magazine available in three languages focuses on trade development for developing and transition economics. It analyzes trends, opportunities, provides views from trade development experts and reports on International Trade Forum events and services.

Articles from Vol. 27, January-March

Geotextiles: Opportunities for Natural-Fibre Products
GEOTEXTILES: OPPORTUNITIES FOR NATURAL-FIBRE PRODUCTS The size of the world market for geotextiles has been estimated at around 700 million square metres annually, according to a new ITC study. Demand for geotextiles has gone up extremely rapidly...
Quality Control Circles: Colombia's Experience
QUALITY CONTROL CIRCLES: COLOMBIA'S EXPERIENCE Quality control circles can play an important role in upgrading the quality of products sold on the international market and thereby strengthening their competitiveness. Various developing countries have...
Silk Surges in the U.S. Market
SILK SURGES IN THE U.S. MARKET The silk market in the United States has changed, and it has changed fundamentally. This change is revolutionary, and it is permanent. In the United States there is a new perception of silk. There is a new look to silk....
Specialty Cocoa Beans: A Market to Watch Carefully
SPECIALTY COCOA BEANS: A MARKET TO WATCH CAREFULLY World trade in specialty cocoa beans classified as "fine" or "flavor" beans has remained fairly static in recent years, with demand at a relatively low level, according to a forthcoming ITC study....
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