International Trade Forum

Magazine available in three languages focuses on trade development for developing and transition economics. It analyzes trends, opportunities, provides views from trade development experts and reports on International Trade Forum events and services.

Articles from No. 1, January-March

Conducting Primary Market Research
A group of people in London sit around a table discussing in great depth what they like and dislike about a consumer product. At the same time, a group of consumers in New York are doing the same thing. This is nothing new. Focus groups are a staple...
Market Access for Goods: A Uruguay Round Summary for Developing Country Exporters
The World Trade Organization (WTO) was established on 1 January of this year, following the conclusion of the Uruguay Round of multilateral trade negotiations at the end of 1993 and the signing of the Final Act of the Round last April in Marrakesh. The...
Marketing Technical Consultancy Services
Promoting exports of technical consulting services requires systematic efforts. Some factors that should be considered. Marketing complete plants and engineering services is a complex but essential activity for any contractor wishing to export its services....
Market Prospects for Dehydrated and Dried Tropical Fruit
Although current demand is stable, sales could expand over the long term as new uses are developed and new markets open up. With imports of all dried and dehydrated fruit, whether temperate-zone, subtropical or tropical, into the European Union, Japan...
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