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Articles from Vol. 10, No. 1, March

Editorial ... Putting Good Reports to Work
Commencing with Borrowed time, the 1993 Comedia report from the UK, the last three years have seen a plethora of international, national and local public library surveys and reports. Whatever the, at times, questionable assertions of such reports they...
Harnessing Community Support for Public Libraries
As the 1980s drew to a close, Time magazine asked on its coyer' Is Government dead?'[1] As the 1990s draw to a close, the answer is not easy. All one can say with some degree of certainty, is that government is changing. Governments are reinventing...
Local Government and the Internet
The internet is a global network of computers linked by telecommunications--in essence, a network of computer networks. It has evolved through collaboration and cooperation between network owners around the world. It is not centralised, so common...
Public Libraries (NSW) Benchmarking Database
A public libraries (NSW) benchmarking database has been established containing pilot data for ten libraries, eight metropolitan and two country public library services. It: is available on CDRom and on the internet at
State of the Nation: Australia's Public Libraries
STATE REPORTS Australian Capital Territory Background Until the 1980s the ACT Library Service was provided as a function of the National Library of Australia (NLA). In 1981 the responsibility for the service passed from the NLA to the...
Student Use of Public Libraries in Campbelltown NSW
Campbelltown City Library Service in late 1995 invited selected consultants to respond to a brief to conduct a study of student use of public libraries, funded by Campbelltown City Council and the Library Council of New South Wales and designed to...
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