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Articles from Vol. 19, No. 4, December

Emerging Technologies Changing Public Library Service Delivery Models
Emerging technologies provide librarians with a unique opportunity to substantially enhance user centred services and to facilitate and promote collaboration between libraries and their users. This paper explores the range of free and inexpensive technologies...
Improving Access for the Sight Impaired: Books in the Sky at the City of Burnside Library South Australia
The Books in the Sky technology is the first significant advance in providing books, magazines, newspapers, and community information in a simple to use, cost effective way, for the sight impaired. It has the potential to revolutionize services and...
Radio Frequency Identification: An Introduction for Library Professionals
While it is common for libraries to now have information technology expertise within their organisations, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) with its blend of radio technology and electronics may appear unfamiliar and unique. It can be difficult...
The Future of Public Libraries: What Do an Apple Computer Store and a Library Have in Common?
A review of the Future of public libraries conference held in New York 18-19 May 2006. This addressed technology and communication trends, their impact on public library buildings, library use patterns and physical and electronic collection issues...
Unlocking the Garage: A Web Portal for Car Enthusiasts
In sheds, under houses and in back paddocks across Australia, elderly automobile bodies sit waiting for dedicated ear enthusiasts to restore them to their former glory. To judge by the number of car clubs around the nation, classic car owners are out...
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