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Articles from Vol. 17, No. 4, December

Australian Bookstart: A National Issue, a Compelling Case. A Report to the Nation by Friends of Libraries Australia (FOLA)
Bookstart, Born to read, Books for babies, Read with me or Let's read programs generally endeavour to ensure that all babies, through their parents or caregivers, receive a free kit containing at least one quality board book, information on the critical...
Censorship by Queensland Public Librarians: Philosophy and Practice
Public librarians have long held to the social justice philosophy of free access to information for all people. The issue of censorship relates to the professional principles oft he Australian Library and Information Association and to the role public...
Keeping Fit for the Job at Christchurch City Libraries
At Christchurch City Libraries there is a focus on learning. The Keeping fit for the job program was introduced in response to a growing awareness of the ageing of its workforce and a related ageing of skills. It also recognised a growing demand for...
Public Libraries Should Offend Everyone. Does Yours?
The main object of the Australian Library and Information Association, the national Australian professional body, is 'To promote the free flow of information and ideas in the interests of all Australians and a thriving culture and democracy'. This...
Towards a Literate Australia: The Role of Public Libraries in Supporting Reading
The ability to function effectively in today's information society requires a high degree of literacy and a complexity of skills which is leaving some people behind. Yet in Australia one in five adults do not possess sufficient literacy skills to participate...
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