This quarterly journal covers a wide range of cultural and social anthropology and its cross-section specializations.

Articles from Vol. 37, No. 1, Winter

Politicizing Tradition: The Identity of Indigenous Inhabitants in Hong Kong
This article investigates the identity of indigenous inhabitants in contemporary Hong Kong by discussing the Pang lineage in the New Territories. It examines this identity in relation to the lease of the New Territories, the colonial government, and...
Strategies of Rain-Forest Dwellers against Misfortunes: The Tsimane' Indians of Bolivia
A household survey of Tsimane' Indians of the Bolivian rain forest is used to examine the effect of different types of misfortunes (e.g., illness, deaths, evacuations, crop loss) at the level of the household, village, and region on different types of...
The Ordination of a Tree: The Buddhist Ecology Movement in Thailand
As part of a growing environmental movement in Thailand, a small number of Buddhist monks engage in ecological conservation projects. These "ecology monks" teach ecologically sound practices among Thai farmers and criticize rapid economic development...
When Hypothesis Becomes Myth: The Iraqi Origin of the Iraqw
The now-rejected Hamitic hypothesis, depicting Caucasoid peoples from the north a responsible for a number of precolonial cultural and technological achievements in Africa, served to legitimize European intervention and colonization on the continent....
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