This quarterly journal covers a wide range of cultural and social anthropology and its cross-section specializations.

Articles from Vol. 41, No. 2, Spring

Confirming Unilocal Residence in Native North America (1)
Some scientists have been reluctant to cite the coded entries of the Human Relations Area Files, especially concerning marriage and residence, because the codes are largely based on normative statements rather than empirical data. In this article,...
Fast Food and Intergenerational Commensality in Japan: New Styles and Old Patterns (1)
The introduction of McDonald's and indigenous fast-food restaurants reflects changes in the Japanese diet, eating behaviors, and social patterns. But these changes are not the expression of urban anomie and social fragmentation often attributed...
Modern Cows and Exotic Trees: Identity, Personhood, and Exchange among the Iraqw of Tanzania (1)
This article examines forms of personhood and identity among the Iraqw of Tanzania. It explores how ideas of personhood have changed from the precolonial era to the present as the Iraqw have been incorporated into the wider regional, national, and...
Poetic Dialogues: Performance and Politics in the Tuscan Contrasto
Performance can represent politics in a way that empowers the audience, transforming the context from one only marginally political into one in which relevant political decisions may be taken. In the Contrasto, a Tuscan genre of verbal duel, the...
The Vitality of Local Political Institutions in the Middle Atlas, Morocco
In the Middle Atlas, Morocco, growing government bureaucracy has not undermined the informal village council and the legitimacy of local functionaries such as shaykh or muqaddam. Although official or elected bodies may formally have de facto power,...
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