German Policy Studies

Periodical covering political issues in Germany.

Articles from Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring

Changing Patterns of European Governance (1): Introduction to the Symposium
The progress of European integration causes different constraints and options for national politicians. The German discussion on this multi-level governance starts with Fritz Scharpf's application of his joint decision theory on EC's institutional...
European Governance by the Emergence of a New Type of Package Deals
Abstract European integration is a fluent process which couples decision-making to power distribution between the political institutions. In this system it is of prime concern for the European Commission to find partners in order to accelerate European...
Multi-Level Governance in the European Employment and Labour Market Policy: A Conceptual Outline and Some Empirical Evidence
Abstract Employment and labour market policy is a fairly new field in the European policy making process. Its complexity makes the sustained improvement of the unemployment problem difficult. This is not only because of the structural restrictions...
Regulation and Infrastructure Management: German Regulatory Regimes and the Eu Framework
Abstract (1) In the aftermath of large-scale privatization and liberalization of infrastructure management in Europe, new regulatory institutions and ways of managing network industries such as telecommunications, electricity, and railways have...
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