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Funk, or "It's a Man's Man's World": Genre Subversion in "Flirtin' Is a Flo-Thing" by Jane Siberry
OWING TO THE PREVALENCE OF AFRICAN-diaspora musical characteristics in funk, this genre of popular music was uniquely suited to express black nationalism in the 1970s. (1) For this reason, perhaps, funk frequently failed to achieve crossover success...
"Jelly Jelly Jellyroll": Lesbian Sexuality and Identity in Women's Blues
Mama she told me, my jellyroll wasn't right Well I can jelly'n'jelly jelly, jelly makes my life Well upside down, right side up, Give it to me baby till I've had enough jelly'n'jelly'n'jelly'n'jelly, jelly jelly jellyroll --Faith...
Male Fantasies in Einar Englund's Symphony No. 1: The Symphony as a Technology of Male Gender Articulation
THIS ARTICLE ADDRESSES THE CULTURAL and social appreciation linked with Einar Englund's Symphony No. 1 (1946), involving the audience, the composer, and the performers, and particularly how male gender articulation was enhanced by the symphony. Addressing...
Yanyuwa Women Play Too: Didjeridu Performance at Borroloola, N.T
ORIGINATING IN THE ARNHEM LAND region of the top end of northern Australia, today the didjeridu is variously recognized both as a symbol of Yolngu culture and pan-Aboriginal identity and as a distinctly Australian icon. Measuring approximately 1.3...
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