Journal covering past and current political, economical, social, and legal changes and developments in the Soviet Union and its successor states.

Articles from Vol. 19, No. 4, Fall

Europeanization through Socialization? the EU's Interaction with Civil Society Organizations in Armenia
Abstract: This paper examines the European Union's interaction with civil society organizations in Armenia through the European Neighbourhood Policy as a potential example of normative socialization. Through examining the EU's interaction with domestic...
Russia in Ukraine's Foreign Policy in 2010 as Seen in Political Discourse
Abstract: In this article, I attempt to answer this question: can Ukraine's recent foreign policy toward Russia be effectively understood by studying Ukrainian political discourse? I argue that during the studied period, the official Ukrainian discourse...
Russian Grand Strategy in the South Ossetia War
Abstract: The 2008 Russia-Georgia War over South Ossetia and Abkhazia sparked controversy about whether Russia's grand strategic intentions in the South Caucasus were expansive vis-a-vis Moscow's perceived sphere of interest. This is often based on...
The State and the Public Sphere in Russia
Abstract: This paper explores the structural problems of the public sphere in Russia during the Putin-Medvedev era and discusses the possible directions of its evolution. Keywords: civil society, democratization, public sphere The public sphere...
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