Journal covering past and current political, economical, social, and legal changes and developments in the Soviet Union and its successor states.

Articles from Vol. 14, No. 3, Summer

Democratization in Armenia: Some Trends of Political Culture and Behavior
Abstract: Historically, Armenian society was organized by strong communities established around the Armenian Apostolic Church, which helped these communities survive throughout the centuries despite the lack of a central authority. Community relationships...
Differing Dynamics of Semipresidentialism across Euro/Eurasian Borders: Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Moldova, and Armenia
Abstract: The postcommunist countries that chose semipresidential regimes can be divided into three territorial units. First, the Commonwealth of Independent States countries chose semipresidentialism as a natural evolution of Communist executive diarchy...
The Political Success of Russia-Belarus Relations: Insulating Minsk from a Color Revolution
Abstract: This article explores how the Russia-Belarus relationship has countered external forces that have been shown to promote democratization. It seeks to answer the following questions: According to the democratization literature, what external...
The South Caucasus: Problems of Stability and Regional Security
Abstract: The establishment of irrevocable democracy, the rule of law, free market economic relations, and the protection of fundamental human rights have not yet assumed key significance in the South Caucasus countries. Consequently, all pressing...
The Trade-Offs between Security and Civil Liberties in Russia's War on Terror: The Regional Dimension
Abstract: This article focuses on Russia's antiterrorist campaign in 2000-04 to discern and analyze dynamics in the trade-offs between security (1) and liberties. An analysis of these trade-offs in four separate regions of the Russian Federation demonstrates...
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