Journal covering past and current political, economical, social, and legal changes and developments in the Soviet Union and its successor states.

Articles from Vol. 16, No. 4, Fall

Have Putin's Policies on Local Government Changed the Way Yaroslavl Is Governed?
Abstract: In this article, the author assesses the impact of former Russian President Vladimir Putin's tenure in office on local politics in the city of Yaroslavl, Russia. The author also explores how city government has impacted the life of the...
Limited Choices: Russian Opposition Parties and the 2007 Duma Election
Abstract: Despite new incentives brought about by the 2005 electoral reforms in Russia, opposition parties failed to strategically adapt before the 2007 Duma election. This failure is connected to ideological and organizational impediments within...
Political Graft and Education Corruption in Ukraine: Compliance, Collusion, and Control
Abstract: In this article, the author considers corruption in higher education in Ukraine, including such aspects as corruption in admissions to higher education institutions, corruption in the academic process of teaching and learning, and corruption...
The First Steps of Russia's Public Chamber: Representation or Coordination?
Abstract: Russian President Vladimir Putin created the Public Chamber to institutionalize a civil society that would provide feedback to the state while remaining within the boundaries of legitimate conflict. Putin's critics predicted that the Public...
The Uncertain Future: Sino-Russian Relations in the Twenty-First Century
Abstract: In the late 1960s, border skirmishes between the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China led to speculation that a war between the two countries was possible. In 2001, however, a settlement over their long-disputed border reflected...
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