Journal covering past and current political, economical, social, and legal changes and developments in the Soviet Union and its successor states.

Articles from Vol. 18, No. 3, Summer

Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme: Political Corruption of Russian Doctorates
Politicians and other popular figures traditionally deploy verbal distinctions, high visibility, and publicity in an attempt to attract the public's attention and the votes of the electorate. The reputations of these public figures are often based on...
Medvedev, Putin, and Perestroika 2.0
Very few Russia observers have supported the view that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, either alone or in tandem with Prime Minister and former president Vladimir Putin, intends or will be able to initiate a serious political thaw or "Perestroika...
Reflections on Negotiation and Mediation: The Frozen Conflicts and European Security
For most of the twentieth century, the major threats to European security and stability came from great power conflicts. The first half of the century was dominated by the drive of newly-united Germany to achieve a position of primacy on the European...
Russia's Food Policies and Foreign Policy
Russia's food policy often falls under the radar of many analysts, and therefore the purpose of this article is to analyze contemporary policy trends, to explain how those policy trends fit with Russia's foreign policy, and to examine how food policy...
Viktor Yanukovych's First 100 Days: Back to the Past, but What's the Rush?
Attempting to see into Viktor Yanukovych's mindset is not easy, although there are many clues from his social, economic, regional and political background. These factors have been ignored by the majority of Western analysts and journalists writing about...
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