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Literary history, theory, and interpretation.

Articles from Vol. 46, No. 1, Winter

Apollo/Dionysus or Heraclitus/Anaxagoras? A Hermeneutic Inquiry into Nietzsche's View of Tragedy
In Nietzschean philosophy, human existence is, in and of itself, a tragedy. Conversely, the nuances of Nietzsche's views on tragedy as an art form are inextricably linked to his philosophy of human existence in general. In other words, looking at human...
Figuring the Financier: Dos Passos and Pierpontifex Maximus
Pierpont Morgan sat in a room in the Arlington Hotel, Washington, playing solitaire.--John K. Winkler, Morgan the Magnificent (142) Historian John K. Winkler's image of John Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) awaiting an interview with Grover Cleveland,...
Reading the Erotic Body of Roland Barthes's S/Z
Richard Howard has declared Roland Barthes's S/Z to be "[e]ssentially an erotic meditation" in his preface to the English edition of S/Z (ix). If we read S/Z as essentially "an erotic meditation," might we come into contact with the meditator's libidinal...
The Ubermensch in the Attic: The Connecticut Yankee and Hank Morgan's Nietzschean "Will to Power"
The relevance of Friedrich Nietzsche to nineteenth-century American culture--and judging by American excess in the early twenty-first century, I would argue the relevance of Nietzsche to modern American life as well--was apparently appreciated by Mark...
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