Papers on Language & Literature

Literary history, theory, and interpretation.

Articles from Vol. 32, No. 4, Fall

Getting the Mother's Story Right: Charlotte Lennox and the New World
Charlotte Ramsay Lennox (1720?27?29?-1804) wrote two novels about life in the New World, one at the beginning of her literary career -- The Life of Harriot Stuart, Written by Herself (1751) -- and the other at the end -- Euphemia (1790). Neither novel...
Naive and Knowledgeable Nihilism in Byron's Gothic Verse
Gothic poetry and prose vocalize a medley of Calvinistic, sentimental and naturalistic values, a trio echoing the three "powerful approaches" to gothicism that Jeffrey Cox reviews in Seven Gothic Dramas: "the numinous, the political, the psychological"...
Saul and the Social Contract: Constructions of 1 Samuel 8-11 in Cowley's 'Davideis' and Defoe's 'Jure Divino.'
I. To the extent that we can identify a "public sphere" in seventeenth century England, we must acknowledge that it was a public sphere constructed, maintained, and negotiated by the near-absolute rhetorical legitimacy of the English Bible.(1)...
The Army Motif in 'The Red Badge of Courage' as a Response to Industrial Capitalism
In 1904, four years after the death of his friend Stephen Crane, Henry James returned to the United States for the first time in twenty-one years. He describes his approach to New York City this way: ... the monster grows and grows ... becoming ......
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