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Ethical Exegesis in Howells's the Rise of Silas Lapham
A keen sense of the ethical in both its personal and social aspects gave William Dean Howells's editorial commentary and fiction a clear purpose and a forceful goal: moral suasion. His adept moral analyses and his ability to dramatize the ethical dimension...
Female Sexuality and Triangular Desire in Vanity Fair and the Mill on the Floss
In Rene Girard's structural paradigm of triangular desire, set forth in Deceit, Desire, and the Novel, female sexuality is an organizing theme. Girard's triangle is a metaphor for relations in which the mediator inspires the subject's desire for the...
"New World Woman": Toni Morrison's Sula
I always thought of Sula as quintessentially black, metaphysically black, if you will, which is not melanin and certainly not unquestioning fidelity to the tribe. She is new world black and new world woman extracting choice from choicelessness, responding...
"The Scraps, Patches, and Rags of Daily Life": Gaskell's Oriental Other and the Conservation of Cranford
Cranfordism and the "Scraps, Patches, and Rags of Daily Life" Cranford always gave Mrs. Gaskell a great deal of pleasure. It represented to her the charms of everyday life, and she predictably clung to its homespun surfaces and simple pastimes....
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