Papers on Language & Literature

Literary history, theory, and interpretation.

Articles from Vol. 34, No. 1, Winter

Can Plants Hear Bassoons? Science and the Sublime
I cannot imagine any part of the world presenting a more extraordinary scene of the breaking up of the crust of the globe than the very central peaks of the Andes.... I cannot tell you how I enjoyed some of these views.--it is worth coming...
Early American Cookbooks as Cultural Artifacts
Many aspects of American letters and publishing have been examined with the goal of establishing the boundaries and the genealogy of the cultural field of the United States. Although both numerous and diverse in its areas of concentration, American publishing...
Landscaping the Field of Discourse: Political Slant and Poetic Slope in Sir John Denham's "Cooper's Hill."
If Alexander Pope or Samuel Johnson, both admirers of "Cooper's Hill," had traveled back in time to the scene of the poem's composition, they would have noticed a strong contrast between the pacific topography of the poem itself and the bellicose mental...
"This Dark Thing, This Other Self": Character and Self-Distantiation in Cornell Woolrich's 'I Married a Dead Man' (1948)
Among the most recent signs of a growing interest in Cornell Woolrich's noir fiction have been the inclusion of his I Married a Dead Man in the new Library of America two-volume collection of crime novels, and the reissue of his Waltz Into Darkness in...
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