Papers on Language & Literature

Literary history, theory, and interpretation.

Articles from Vol. 30, No. 2, Spring

"Lines Which Circles Do Contain": Circles, the Cross, and Donne's Dialectic Scheme of Salvation
The vast importance attached to the figure of the circle in the theological and cosmological constructs of 17th-century writers is by now a critical commonplace.1 In the works of John Donne, the circle assumes the status of controlling metaphor: it...
Providence and Incest Reconsidered: Chaucer's Poetic Judgement of His Man of Law
1. The Man of Law in Chauser's Poetic Judgment For many recent writers, Chaucer's poetic relationship to his Man of Law, even in the context of the poet's ironic and dramatic method of exposition, is somewhat unusual: in the Introduction to...
The Cohesion of the Worcester Fragments
"The Worcester Fragments" (hereafter WF) is the name given to 216 long lines on the last four of sixty-six trimmed and separate vellum sheets discovered by the antiquarian Thomas Phillipps, in the binding of an unspecified book at Worcester Cathedral...
To Criticize the Critic: George Saintsbury on Goethe
The appearance of Dorothy Richardson Jones's King of Critics signals renewed interest in the career of George Saintsbury, the Victorian critic whose domination of the literary world extended into the first quarter of the twentieth century.(1) While...
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