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Literary history, theory, and interpretation.

Articles from Vol. 41, No. 1, Winter

Fear of Flying: Robert Lowell and Travel
... the true shark, the shadow of departure. --"Flight to New York," The Dolphin Americans began traveling abroad in unprecedented numbers in what Robert Lowell called, in "Memories of West Street and Lepke," the "tranquilized fifties" (Life...
In Vino-Et in Amore-Veritas: Transformational Animation in Herrick's "Sack" Poems
Upon his 1633 promotion to Archbishop of Canterbury, William Laud, initially in conjunction with Charles I, introduced a new form of Anglo-centric orthodoxy, designed in part to separate the English Church from the confessional and political tempests...
It Takes Two to Tango: Text and Image in Grand Bal Du Printemps (1951) by Jacques Prevert and Izis Bidermanas
Much of Jacques Prevert's artistic and literary production is widely known by academicians as well as by his favorite subject--the everyday person. There remains some work by Prevert, however, that has disappeared from the cultural radar. Why a given...
Landscapes "Dynamically in Motion": Revisiting Issues of Structure and Agency in Thomson's the Seasons
Eighteenth-century poetry has recently been celebrated as a field that is becoming increasingly exciting to work in, that has "opened out in several directions," and in which "new [poetic] voices" have begun to be heard. This recognition of the diversity...
Music's Sentimental Role in Tristram Shandy
We may consider ourselves lucky that Laurence Sterne did not have the modern musical greeting-card at his disposal. Imagine opening Tristram Shandy at volume six and hearing a recording of asses braying "G-sol-re-ut" until the page was turned, or listening...
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