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Articles from Vol. 43, No. 4, Fall

Elijah and the Beginning of Evelyn Waugh's Men at Arms
At the beginning of Evelyn Waugh's novel Men at Arms (1952), Guy Crouchback, the hero, faces an unusual problem. About to leave Italy for England at the beginning of the Second World War, Guy is presented with "a large ornamental cake which had been...
Hemingway's Feasts
I The Hemingway hero, like the author himself, is always hungry, and a good dinner puts him in a good mood. The descriptions of food and drink in Hemingway's work--from youthful journalism to posthumously published fiction, from obscurity to fame--are...
John Mirk's Holy Women
John Mirk's Festial, a popular English sermon collection, provided priests with orthodox, vernacular homilies for all the important saints' feasts of the Christian year (Fletcher 514). A canon-regular of the monastery at Lilleshall in Shropshire, Mirk...
Scholarly Writing and Emotional Knowledge
All our writing is spun out of our guts, whatever kind of writer we are, but we arrange many codes of indirection to avoid letting our guts be seen in our academic articles and books. This makes those who write about imaginary persons become, themselves,...
Tom Wolfe's American Ubermensch: I Am Charlotte Simmons and the Rhetoric of "Manly Courage"
I Tom Wolfe's most recent book, I Am Charlotte Simmons (2004), is a campus novel replete with the kind of literary pyrotechnics for which Wolfe has long been famous--the point-of-view shifts; the extended and extensive use of dialogue to establish...
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