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Literary history, theory, and interpretation.

Articles from Vol. 42, No. 3, Summer

Courage at the Border-Line: Balder, Hemingway, and Lawrence's the Captain's Doll
"To achieve his own soul's wholeness and integrity is the life-work of every man." D. H. Lawrence, Fantasia of the Unconscious "Things might not be immediately discernible in what a man writes and in this sometimes he is fortunate, but eventually...
"I Am as Ever Your Disciple": The Friendship of Hamlin Garland and W. D. Howells
I suppose we were friends in the beginning, and never foes, because he had strong convictions too, and they were flatteringly like mine. [... T]here was nothing but common ground between us, and our convictions played over it as freely and affectionately...
Of Privileges and Masculine Parts: The Learned Lady in Aphra Behn's Sir Patient Fancy
In his "Preface of the Author" in The Six Days Adventure, or The New Utopia (1671), Edward Howard observes that there are "not seldome to be found as great abilities in them [women] (allowing for the disadvantage they have in not being suitably educated...
'Tis Pity She's a Whore: The Revision of Mary Magdalene in Contemporary Fiction
Though the information the Bible presents concerning Mary Magdalene is thin, she has long fascinated artists and religious leaders. In her review of research on Mary Magdalene since 1975, Pamela Thimmes writes, Apart from the other Mary, Mary the...
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