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Articles from Vol. 48, No. 4, Fall

Material and Symbolic Geographies in William Trevor's Felicia's Journey
Few contemporary Irish novelists are so place-centered in their writings that the mere mention of their name summons up a distinctive fictional landscape. John McGahern is certainly one such. Even before his death in 2006, the arc of his fictional...
"Orgies of Nameless Horrors": Gender, Orientalism, and the Queering of Violence in Richard Marsh's the Beetle
In Richard Marsh's 1897 thriller The Beetle, dandified London scientist Sydney Atherton tests his own Weapon of Mass Destruction--Atherton's Magic Vapour, which is capable of decimating enemy soldiers en masse--on what he imagines is the cat of Paul...
The Substance of Fables: Dryden's "Of the Pythagorean Philosophy"
Dryden's "Of the Pythagorean Philosophy" is commonly seen as the moral and aesthetic center of Fables. His translation of about half of Book 15 of Ovid's Metamorphoses is where critics go to attempt to decipher what Dryden was up to in the intricate...
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