Papers on Language & Literature

Literary history, theory, and interpretation.

Articles from Vol. 49, No. 2, Spring

Black Holes, Graveyards, and the Gravitational Force of What's Below: Mason's in Country
In the final episode of M*A*S*H, the highest-rated series episode in television history, Hawkeye Pierce is recounting a dream to his Army therapist, Sidney Friedman. Hawkeye has had a nervous breakdown, and he is struggling. In the dream, he is on...
Inscribed Bodies: The Cruel Mirage of Imperialistic Idealism in Kafka's "Penal Colony"
"... the machine was obviously disintegrating; its peaceful action was an illusion" (Kafka 151) In his precaution against subordinating others, Friedrich Nietzsche warns that "we shall seldom be able to alter an individual and, if we should succeed...
Narratives of Absolutism in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park
Jane Austen's Mansfield Park has been a problem novel, sparking heated debates and inspiring in critics opposing views that range from portraying Austen as a defender of conventional morality and a conservative reactionary to extolling her as a master...
The Development of the Later English Restoration Impotency Poems
The impotency poem tradition begins with the development of Latin elegy in the first century BCE to address issues of social and political complexity. (1) The erotic-satiric elements seen in those earliest examples of the form lay the template for...
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