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Articles from Vol. 17, No. 1, Summer

Clearing the Air: The Clean Air Act, GATT and the WTO's Reformulated Gasoline Decision
I INTRODUCTION Over the last four decades, the growth in the amount and complexity of air pollution in the United States resulting from the increasing use of automobiles(1) (along with other sources) has resulted in mounting dangers to the public...
"Hot Air" as Precedent for Developing Countries? Equity Considerations
I. INTRODUCTION In June 1992, the world's nations met at the Rio Earth Summit Conference to discuss the various challenges facing the global environment.(1) One of the outcomes of the conference was the adoption of the United Nations Framework...
Land Preservation Provides Estate Tax Benefits: Section 2031(c)
I. INTRODUCTION In 1997, Congress created new estate tax benefits for landowners(1) who preserve land with a conservation easement. The new benefits allow for as much as a $500,000 exclusion from estate taxes. While private citizens and their...
The Risks and the Advantages of Agency Discretion: Evidence from EPA's Project XL
I. INTRODUCTION Academic criticism of the administrative state has increased exponentially over the past several years, particularly with regard to environmental regulation. Many commentators insist that the command and control approach to enforcement...
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