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Articles from Vol. 22, No. 2, Winter

California Coastal Commission V. Norton: A Coastal State Victory in the Seaweed Rebellion
I. INTRODUCTION There has been a great deal of federal-state conflict regarding outer continental shelf (OCS) energy development, which is known as the Seaweed Rebellion. (2) California, which has experienced eleven OCS lease sales off its coast...
The 2004 Frankel Symposium: Shaping Environmental Policy: Science in Context: Keynote Address
Introduction by Susan Westerberg Prager: I'm sorry to disrupt your conversations. My name is Susan Prager and I'm the former Dean of the UCLA Law School. I appreciate Sean Hecht asking me to introduce Don Kennedy today. For that, I thank you, and...
Watershed Councils East and West: Advocacy, Consensus and Environmental Progress
I. INTRODUCTION The views in this article originate from an experience I had at a national rivers conference in 1993, replicated dozens of times in the subsequent ten years, where conference participants were using the term "watershed councils"...
What Property Rights: The California Coastal Commission's History of Abusing Land Rights and Some Thoughts on the Underlying Causes
I. INTRODUCTION When California enacted the California Coastal Act of 1976 (Act), (2) and created the California Coastal Commission (Commission) to implement the policies of that Act, it attempted to ensure a balanced approach toward future development...
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