UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy

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Articles from Vol. 20, No. 1, Summer

Bureau of Land Management National Conservation Areas: Legitimate Conservation or Satan's Spawn?
In the last third of the twentieth century, Congress saw fit to designate ten Bureau of Land Management ("BLM") national conservation areas ("NCAs") in eight western states. Unlike Wilderness or national parks or national wildlife refuges, Congress...
Conservation Trust Funds
In her book, In Fairness to Future Generations: International Law, Common Patrimony, and Intergenerational Equity, Professor Edith Brown Weiss describes a theory of intergenerational equity in which: [E]ach generation receives a natural and cultural...
Continued Cartographic Chaos, or a New Paradigm in Public Land Reconfiguration? the Effect of New Laws Authorizing Limited Sales of Public Land
A recent report by the United States General Accounting Office stated that the federal government's primary means of public land reconfiguration, the land exchange, was so fraught with problems that it recommended Congress discontinue all land exchange...
The Failure of EPA's Water Quality Reforms: From Environment-Enhancing Competition to Uniformity and Polluter Profits
Since 1970, pollution control in the United States has centered on national level regulatory approaches built on federal command-and-control regimes. Enacted in reaction to well-publicized "failures" of markets, common law, and state and local regulation...
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