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Articles from Vol. 22, No. 1, Summer

Discounting, EPA's Nonroad Spark-Engine Rule, and the Hidden Anti-Regulatory Agenda of Cost-Benefit Analysis
I. INTRODUCTION In the past twenty years, it has become increasingly common for administrative agencies to use cost-benefit analysis to evaluate proposed regulatory programs. (1) As part of their cost-benefit analysis, agency policymakers typically...
Reciprocity of Advantage: The Antidote to the Antidemocratic Trend in Regulatory Takings
"The most important thing we do is not doing." (1) I. INTRODUCTION Ask any American, even the staunchest advocate for the primacy of individual property rights over the interests of the collectivity, and that person will take for granted at...
Shade-Grown Coffee Plantations in Northern Latin America: A Refuge for More Than Just Birds & Biodiversity
I. AN INTRODUCTION TO SUSTAINABLE COFFEE Historically, coffee in Northern Latin America (1) was planted in the shade beneath the canopy of native trees. Besides providing richer coffee and requiring little chemical fertilizers and pesticides,...
Small Island States in the Face of Climatic Change: The End of the Line in International Environmental Responsibility
I. SMALL ISLAND DEVELOPING STATES IN INTERNATIONAL LAW Small island developing states (SIDS) are increasingly recognized as deserving of special consideration both in international law generally and in international environmental law in particular....
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