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Articles from Vol. 21, No. 2, Fall

A Fine-Grained Analysis of Director Dependence: Examining Board Composition in Detail
Abstract Past corporate governance research that has incorporated the concept of directors' dependence on the CEO has operationalized dependence in numerous ways, often aggregating various indicators into a single construct. We extend this research...
Considering Customer Loyalty in Developing Service Recovery Strategies
Abstract Customer loyalty has been an often suggested and supported consequence of effective service recovery management. We predicted that customer loyalty would also play an antecedent role in the recovery process by interacting with perceived...
High Performance Work Practices and Human Resource Management Effectiveness: Substitutes or Complements?
Abstract The human resource management literature has implicitly treated high performance work practices (HPWPs) and human resources management (HRM) effectiveness as substitutes for one another with respect to their relationship with firm performance....
The Impact of Horizontal Strategic Alliances on the U.S. Steel Industry
Abstract Despite the popularity of strategic alliances among firms, the public is ambivalent about the industry impact of horizontal alliances. It is not apparent that the benefits of alliances to the firm also accrue to the industry. This paper...
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