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Articles from Vol. 28, No. 2, Fall

Competition in Search Engine Market
Abstract Google has been very successful in becoming the dominant search engine platform in the US and Western countries. In contrast to its success in the US and Western countries, Google does not have much luck in some Asian countries such as...
Network Intensity: Assessing the Strategic Value of Installed Base
Abstract The purpose of this research is to explore variation in the influence of network effects across competitive settings. Specifically, this study tests for significant differences in the impact of a product's installed base on its growth in...
Stages of Corporate Governance in Transition Economies
Abstract We develop a model of corporate governance stages in transition economies, including bureaucratic control-based; relational; and rule, market-based corporate governance. We demonstrate how institutions shape stakeholders' dominant sources...
The Competitive Cohort: An Extension of Strategic Understanding
Abstract The use of referent others to establish the concept of competitive cohorts is presented as a way to extend the understanding of strategic decision making in organizations. The competitive cohort concept does not replace other perspectives...
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