Journal of Comparative Family Studies

A journal emphasizing research concerning cross-cultural families for the academic audience.

Articles from Vol. 32, No. 2, Spring

Conflicts between Family Strategies and State Policy in a Global Society
INTRODUCTION In the relationships between families and nation-states in terms of immigration it would appear that the dominant direction of influence would be from the state to the family. Usually the analysis of immigration is in terms of how the state...
Family Ethnicity: Strength in Diversity
McADOO, Harriette Pipes, FAMILY ETHNICITY STRENGTH IN DIVERSITY Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications Inc., 1999,400 pp., $29.95 softcover. Family Ethnicity is an anthology of articles about ethnic families in the United States. Unlike many books...
Poverty, Social Assistance, and the Employability of Mothers: Restructuring Welfare States
BAKER, Maureen and David TIPPEN, POVERTY, SOCIAL ASSISTANCE, AND THE EMPLOYABILITY OF MOTHERS: RESTRUCTURING WELFARE STATES, Toronto, Ontario: University of Toronto Press, 1999, 316 pp., $24.95 softcover / $60.00 hardcover. Reviewed by: MELINDA MILLS...
The Gender Lens: Caring and Gender
CANCIAN, Francesca M. and Stacey J. OLIKER, THE GENDER LENS: CARING AND GENDER. Thousand Oaks, California: Pine Forge Press, 2000,183 pp.; $21.95 softcover. This book explores the dimensions of caregiving from a sociological perspective. According to...
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