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Articles from Vol. 92, No. 3, May/June

CHURCHILL'S SECRET WAR: The British Empire and the Ravaging of India during World War II
CHURCHILL'S SECRET WAR: The British Empire and the Ravaging of India During World War II, Madhusree Mukerjee, Basic Books, New York, 2010, 282 pages, $28.95.M a d h u s r e e M u k e r j e e 's Churchill's Secret War is a compelling, in-depth account...
Difficult Missions: What Logic to Apply and What Action to Take
SOME MISSION ASSIGNMENTS are more complex than what at first meets the eye. The great nuclear physicist Albert Einstein once said, "If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it."...
Killing the Cranes
KILLING THE CRANES, Edward Girardet, Chelsea Green Publishing, White River Junction, VT, 2011, 417 pages, $27.95.Although dissimilar in format and time frame, this book contains haunting echoes of "Berlin Diary," William L. Shirer's journal that warned...
Operational Contract Support: Five Things Every Field Grade Officer Should Know
THE UNITED STATES ARMY cannot fight without contractors. On any given day, it has too many tasks and not enough troops. Those tasks come from various sources, including the White House, Congress, the joint staff, geographical combatant commanders, and...
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