Journal of Cultural Geography

Publication covering geography and history.

Articles from Vol. 21, No. 2, Spring-Summer

Detached from Their Homeland: The Latter-Day Saints of Chihuahua, Mexico
ABSTRACT. Over the past few decades, the homeland concept has received an ever-increasing amount of attention by cultural geographers. While the debate surrounding the necessity and applicability of the concept continues, it is more than apparent that...
Everyday Places on the American Freeway System
ABSTRACT. The Interstate Highway System is one of the largest civil engineering works in the United States and a crucial component of urban transportation systems. Despite its inescapable presence, it has received relatively little attention from cultural...
Expansion of Amish Dairy Farming in Wisconsin
ABSTRACT. Amish farmers now manage over 5% of Wisconsin's dairy herds. In contrast with the steady declines in the total number of dairy farmers, the number of Amish dairymen in Wisconsin has increased by 80% since 1989. Drawing upon Dairy Producer...
Greer County: Texas Irredenta?
ABSTRACT. In 1896, the Supreme Court ruled against Texas and decided the ownership of Greet County, now located in southwestern Oklahoma. Prior to the ruling, Texas claimed and administered this region, treating it as an integral part of the state....
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