Journal of Cultural Geography

Publication covering geography and history.

Articles from Vol. 26, No. 1, February

Christian Identities in Singapore: Religion, Race and Culture between State Controls and Transnational Flows
Christianity in Singapore is caught between the horns of a dilemma: on the one hand it is compelled (like all other religions practised in Singapore) to conform to the state's controls (most obviously in the form of the 'Maintenance of Religious Harmony...
Goodness, Beauty, and the Aesthetics of Discipline in Timothy Dwight's Landscapes
Timothy Dwight, eighth President of Yale, traveled widely in the Northeast for more than 20 years before his death in 1817. His observations were posthumously published as Travels in New England and New York. For all its loose organization, pomposity...
Siteseeing Buenos Aires in the Early Argentine Sound Film Los Tres Berretines
Much like the majority of Argentine films produced during the 1930s, Los tres berretines aims to represent Buenos Aires as a modern metropolis. Set in the cosmopolitan capital, the film represents the social life of the rising middle class, its target...
'Welcome to Old Times': Inserting the Okie Past into California's San Joaquin Valley Present
Collective, or social memory describes how societies draw upon the events of the past to make sense of contemporary circumstances. Because collective memory is both temporal and spatial, it tethers the past to place and recognizes that as social circumstances...
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