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Articles from Vol. 69, No. 4, July-August

Classifying Professional Preparation Programs
Introduction As early as the eighteenth century, faculty members in colleges and universities began to gather into specialized discipline groups. Observing how these groups have evolved, curriculum theorists have noted that the nature and structure...
How Students Coped with the War: The Experience of Lebanon
The idea of writing this article came from my advisor at Teachers College, Columbia University. He asked me to give an oral presentation on my experience as a college student in war-tom Lebanon. At the time, my impressions of the war had been one-dimensional:...
Student Participation and Instructor Gender in the Mixed-Age College Classroom
In 1991 over 38% of all U.S. college students, and nearly 42% of female U.S. college students, were age 25 or older. According to projections, by 1998 the number of nontraditional (age 25 or older) U.S. college students will rise to almost 46% (U.S....
TA Teaching Effectiveness: The Impact of Training and Teaching Experience
As full-time faculty positions become less stable, graduate teaching assistants (TAs) will continue to increase their responsibilities in the instruction of undergraduate students. These increased responsibilities are most evident at large research universities,...
Testing a Model of Intraorganizational Power within Liberal Arts College Libraries
Introduction Computers and information technologies have had profound effects both upon the lives of individuals and upon organizations. They have changed the way we work, live, and play. These technologies have also facilitated the reorganization of...
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