Journal of Higher Education

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Articles from Vol. 66, No. 6, November-December

Racial Stratification and the Use of Hispanic Faculty as Role Models: Theory, Policy, and Practice
Introduction As the Hispanic(1) population continues to grow, it is expected that its enrollment in institutions of higher education will also increase. The increase in the enrollment of Hispanic students in higher education will not only add to the...
The Impact of Development Office Structure on Fund-Raising Efficiency for Research and Doctoral Institutions
Introduction Concurrent with the recent increased growth of college and university fund-raising efforts, many development offices have explored alternative organizational structures. Instead of the traditional centralized development office which performs...
Toward a Reconceptualization of Scholarship: A Human Action System with Functional Imperatives
Both the mission of a college and the activities and roles of its faculty are often described in terms of the trio of teaching, research, and service functions. However, when the word scholarship is used, it usually refers to just research and publication,...
Women-Only Colleges: Some Unanticipated Consequences
The continuing controversy over whether segregated women-only colleges are socially acceptable and educationally efficacious has skirted the issue of appropriate measures of organizational effectiveness. Instead, the debate has focused on whether these...
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