Journal of Higher Education

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Articles from Vol. 67, No. 6, November-December

First Encounters of the Bureaucratic Kind: Early Freshman Experiences with a Campus Bureaucracy
As the dominant organizational form in our society [17], bureaucracy provides the framework within which much everyday activity takes place [38], shaping and constraining the behavior of most everyone [10, 25]. Learning to operate in a bureaucracy is...
Reorganizing the Faculty Workforce for Flexibility: Part-Time Professional Labor
Part-time Professional Labor In the United States the rise of the academic profession in the last quarter of the nineteenth century was marked by the establishment of faculty as full-time employees of colleges and universities with career tracks in...
Study Strategies Have Meager Support: A Review with Recommendations for Implementation
Introduction Study skills instruction in higher education has become increasingly popular in the past decade. Many universities and colleges have developed short courses to teach study skills, established learning resource centers, instituted counseling...
The Implications of Teaching Norms for the Improvement of Undergraduate Education
Undergraduate education in our colleges and universities continues to gain considerable attention from a number of groups - state legislatures, students, national associations, faculty, administrators, and parents. Consequently, studies by national associations...
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