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Articles from Vol. 80, No. 3, May-June

Attitudes, Perceptions, and Preferences of Faculty at Hispanic Serving and Predominantly Black Institutions
As populations in the U.S. continue to shift, we see concomitant shifts in the enrollments of students who make up our higher education institutions. Recent data show that while the populations at elite institutions tend to be stable, less selective...
Conceptualizing Change in the Institutional Diversity of U.S. Colleges and Universities
Institutional Diversity in Higher Education Institutional diversity, or the existence of many different kinds of colleges and universities within a specific higher education system, has long been recognized as a positive and unique attribute of...
Individual and Environmental Effects of Part-Time Enrollment Status on Student-Faculty Interaction and Self-Reported Gains
In a recent article offering ten directions for future research on the impact of college, Pascarella (2006) praised the efforts of researchers in the 1990s who considered previously ignored students and institutions, and he called for the expansion...
Targeted Assessment Rubric: An Empirically Grounded Rubric for Interdisciplinary Writing
At the dawn of the twenty-first century, the American academy is marked by renewed interest in interdisciplinary research and education. Multiple drivers propel the growth. Socio-environmental challenges such as mitigating climate change or eliminating...
The Influence of Student Engagment and Sport Participation on College Outcomes among Division I Student Athletes
Over the past decade, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has become increasingly concerned about the educational experience of student athletes, beyond the mere enforcement of eligibility rules and regulations. Perhaps this growing...
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