Journal of Higher Education

A journal covering higher education issues in management and teaching for the academic audience.

Articles from Vol. 80, No. 4, July-August

Access and Equity for African American Students in Higher Education: A Critical Race Historical Analysis of Policy Efforts
Higher education has been characterized as "one of the greatest hopes for intellectual and civic progress in this country. Yet for many Americans, however, it has been seen as part of the problem rather than the solution" (Boyer, 1997, p. 85). Some...
Attitudes and Advocacy: Understanding Faculty Views on Racial/ethnic Diversity
Introduction and Significance Diversity has been a hot-button issue in higher education for the past several decades (Chang, Witt, Jones & Hakuta, 2003). A significant portion of research has been dedicated to how students experience the campus...
Finding Money on the Table: Information, Financial Aid, and Access to College
Introduction Recent research suggests that low-income high school students do not prepare for college because they believe a post-secondary education is expensive and unaffordable (Grodsky & Jones, 2004; Luna De La Rosa, 2006; Tomas Rivera Policy...
The Production of Bachelor's Degrees and Financial Aspects of State Higher Education Policy: A Dynamic Analysis
States invest in higher education to help students gain access to and complete college. According to The Investment Payoff: A 50-State Analysis of the Public and Private Benefits of Higher Education (The Institute for Higher Education Policy, 2005),...
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