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Articles from Vol. 73, No. 3, May

PhD Students' Evaluations of Research Supervision: Issues, Complexities, and Challenges in a Nationwide Australian Experiment in Benchmarking Universities
Introduction Universities throughout the world are undertaking benchmarking exercises in which they compare themselves to other universities on appropriate indices in order to establish their current levels of performance and to initiate continuous...
The Formal Organization of Knowledge: An Analysis of Academic Structure
Introduction and Objectives Over the past two decades, higher education scholars have turned their attention to the study of knowledge legitimation, specifically the role of organizational contexts in the social construction of knowledge. Examples...
Understanding State Higher Education Systems: Applying a New Framework
Introduction An old fable tells of three blind men who each describe a different part of an elephant but are unable to collectively determine that what they have before them is indeed an elephant. This analogy is somewhat applicable to the study...
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