Journal of Higher Education

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Articles from Vol. 73, No. 4, July-August

Demographic Inertia and Women's Representation among Faculty in Higher Education
During the past thirty years women have increased their representation in the professions of law, medicine, science, and higher education. Still, women's representation in the higher levels of professions falls far short of their overall representation...
Faculty Members' Morale and Their Intention to Leave: A Multilevel Explanation
Faculty members are rarely satisfied with their own institutions. They see administrators as incompetent, communication as poor, and their influence as declining (Boyer, Altbach, & Whitlaw, 1994). This discontent with their institutions is in...
Moral Positions and Academic Conduct: Parameters of Tolerance for Ethics Failure
To what extent are our practices consistent with the values that we espouse? --R. A. Smith Introduction This article explores the intersection of ethics and professionalism in academia. Specifically, we examine what it means to be both...
The Effect of Institutional Culture on Change Strategies in Higher Education: Universal Principles or Culturally Responsive Concepts?
The array of challenges that higher education faces today is virtually unparalleled when compared to any other point in U.S. history. The litany of changes is familiar to those in the field of higher education: financial pressure, growth in technology,...
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