Journal of International Women's Studies

A peer-reviewed semiannual scholarly publication providing international coverage and analysis of wome.'s studies, with particular respect to the relationship between theory and activism.

Articles from Vol. 3, No. 1, November

Actions Speak Louder: Women in Caribbean Documentaries of Everyday Life
Introduction This paper focuses particularly on two recent documentaries of everyday life featuring Haitian women, Claudette Coulanges's Chercher la vie and Rigoberto Lopez's Puerto Principe mio. (1) The contribution of these works to the existing...
Feminism, Nationalism, and War: The 'Yugoslav Case' in Feminist Texts
Introduction In the last decade, what was known as Yugoslavia disintegrated through a series of wars. (1) These wars are known worldwide for their brutality and for the tragic 'privilege' of imposing the notion of 'ethnic cleansing' to international...
Returns to Native Lands, Reclaiming the Other's Language: Kincaid and Danticat
Returns to Native Lands, Reclaiming the Other's Language: Kincaid and Danticat (1) When asked, "Who do you belong to?" Amabelle Desir, narrator of Edwidge Danticat's The Farming of Bones, points to her chest and says, "Myself." Likewise, the speaker...
The Black Power Movement in Trinidad: An Exploration of Gender and Cultural Changes and the Development of a Feminist Consciousness
In February 1970 the Black Power movement in Trinidad exploded as thousands of young people took to the streets in massive demonstrations that rocked the island. The government responded by arresting activists and ultimately declaring a state of emergency....
Women and Poverty: The South African Experience
Introduction A lot has been said, done and published on the topic of women and poverty. This article will first provide a short introductory outline of poverty and the feminisation thereof. Secondly, the article will explore the problems regarding...
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