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Articles from Vol. 16, No. 2, Summer

A Novel Approach to Mass Tort Class Actions: The Billion Dollar Settlement in the Sulzer Artificial Hip and Knee Litigation: A Symposium
PROFESSOR LANDEVER: Welcome. My name is Professor Arthur Landever and along with Professor Susan Becker I would like to welcome you to this symposium. I know you'll find it worthwhile. I would like to call on Dean Steinglass for some introductory remarks....
Lessons from Martin: The ADA and Athletics Don't Mix
I. INTRODUCTION When Casey Martin's story hit the news, it was apparent that whatever resolution was reached, it would be met with controversy. In the words of U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Antonin Scalia, It has been rendered the solemn duty...
Medical Errors: Causes, Cures, and Capitalism
He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils. --Benjamin Franklin I. INTRODUCTION Expenditures for healthcare consumed over thirteen percent of the United States gross domestic product in 1998, totaling over $1.1 trillion dollars....
Reach out and Touch Someone: Cellular Phones, Health, Safety and Reasonable Regulation
I. INTRODUCTION The case is a first of its kind in Nevada, and possibly a landmark nationally: Karen Morris was charged with three felony counts of reckless driving and two felony counts of involuntary manslaughter for a March 25, 2001 incident,...
The Serpent in the Garden of Eden: (1) a Look at the Impact of Physician Financial Incentive Programs and a Reconsideration of Herdrich V. Pegram (2)
I. INTRODUCTION When you are sick, you call your doctor. As the patient, you believe that your doctor will examine you and make a decision on the best course of treatment for you. You trust that your medical interests are at the forefront of their...
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