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Articles from Vol. 23, No. 1, Spring

Lines of Communication: Advances in Stem Cell Policy
MR. STEIGER: Now I think we're going to be introducing our speakers, Professors Davis and Grega. As a bioethicist and legal scholar, Professor Dena Davis has been the recipient of prestigious grants, fellowships and visiting scholar appointments....
Pushing Back: Protecting Maternal Autonomy from the Living Room to the Delivery Room
I. INTRODUCTION II. NEW BIRTH OPTIONS A. Midwifery & Home Births 1. Midwifery--An Overview 2. A More Appealing Approach? 3. Concerns Surrounding Home Births 4. Questionable Support B. Elective C-Sections ...
What's All the Headache?: Reform Needed to Cope with the Effects of Concussions in Football
I. INTRODUCTION I. MEDICAL OVERVIEW OF CONCUSSIONS A. Grades of Concussions B. Diagnosis C. Second-Impact Syndrome D. Long-term Effects of Concussions E. Management of Concussions III. LEGAL ISSUES STEMMING FROM CONCUSSIONS ...
Whom Would Jesus Cover? A Biblical, Ethical Lens for the Contemporary American Health Care Debate
I. INTRODUCTION II. THE CURRENT STATE OF AMERICAN HEALTH CARE FOR THE UNINSURED A. Private Insurance B. Existing Public Coverage 1. Medicare 2. Medicaid 3. SCHIP 4. Veterans Administration C. Demographics...
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