The Journal of Negro History

Provides information on African American life and history, including the unique facets of African American history, including the first major scholarly analysis of the hip hop movement.

Articles from Vol. 79, No. 3, Summer

Hiram Rhodes Revels, 1827-1901: A Reappraisal
Among the over two hundred significant national black Reconstruction figures in America during the period 1860-1880, that of Hiram Rhodes Revels (1827-1901) continues to hold a special interest for laymen and scholars. In fact, scholars have generally...
The Blacks Who Freed Mexico
This article chronicles the long overlooked role played by Afro-Mexico in the Mexican revolution for independence of 1810-1821. It will be shown that those of African heritage in Mexico had special incentives to fight, were encouraged to join the struggle,...
The Pacification of the Liberian Hinterland
The opening up of the Liberian hinterland was a gradual process in which the Liberian militia and, later, the Frontier Force, played a major role. Most of the Liberian settlements were situated on the coast and their only links with the interior were,...
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