The Journal of Negro History

Provides information on African American life and history, including the unique facets of African American history, including the first major scholarly analysis of the hip hop movement.

Articles from Vol. 75, No. 3-4, Summer-Fall

A New Perspective on the "DePriest Tea" Historiographic Controversy
Unlike the participants in historical events, historians are occasionally afforded the opportunity for a "second chance." Such an opportunity for a second look at the "DePriest Incident" has occurred with the opening of Mrs. Lou Henry Hoover's papers...
Diamonds in Iowa: Blacks, Buxton, and Baseball
Between the years 1900 and 1926 in the unlikely state of Iowa, there was a coal mining town, Buxton, where a type of racial equality existed. Blacks and whites worked, played and studied side by side. During a time and in a region where racial diversity...
The Development of African-American Newspapers in the American West: A Sociohistorical Perspective
Historical accounts of the development of African-American newspapers in the United States are replete with stories of success and failure. Both successes and failures seem to indicate that the newspapers were important in African-American communities...
The Negro in Periodical Literature, 1985-1989
INTELLECTUAL--CULTURAL--SOCIAL Anesko, Michael. "So Discreet a Zeal: Slavery and the Anglican Church in Virginia, 1680-1730." The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, XCIII (July, 1985), 247-278 A demonstration of the inter-relationship...
The Universal Black Experience: An Interview with C. Eric Lincoln
OCHILLO Dr. Eric Lincoln, welcome to Dillard University. LINCOLN Thank you very much, it's a pleasure to be here. OCHILLO Whenever people of your stature come by to see us, we are very gratefu l. You are here specifically to do what,...
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