The Journal of Negro History

Provides information on African American life and history, including the unique facets of African American history, including the first major scholarly analysis of the hip hop movement.

Articles from Vol. 82, No. 3, Summer

"A Delusive Clothing:" Christian Conversion in the Antebellum Slave Community
Citing church membership figures accounting for fewer than twenty percent of the antebellum slave population, a number of revisionist historians have recently challenged the widespread view that Christianity was embraced by millions of slaves hungering...
Edgar B. Stern: A White New Orleans Philanthropist Helps Build a Black University
In early 1928, James P. O'Brien, president of black Straight College, solicited a $500 emergency contribution from Edgar B. Stern, a well-known New Orleans businessman and philanthropist. Stern replied, "I am favorably concerned about what you are doing....
Promise and Prejudice: Wise County, Virginia and the Great Migration, 1910-1920
When tracing the path of American history, one almost invariably encounters themes of renewal and hope; of promises kept and broken; of the belief that opportunity waits continually over the next hill or around the next bend for those with the courage...
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