The Journal of Negro History

Provides information on African American life and history, including the unique facets of African American history, including the first major scholarly analysis of the hip hop movement.

Articles from Vol. 80, No. 4, Fall

Free Colored Voices: Issues of Representation and Racial Identity in the Colonial Mexican Militia
Colonial Mexico represents an important case study for deepening our understanding of black peoples and cultures in the New World. Although slavery imports never reached the levels of those in the United States, Jamaica, Brazil, or Cuba, sufficient numbers...
'Let Us Desert This Friendless Place': George Moses Horton in Philadelphia - 1866
George Moses Horton, the "slave poet" who wrote and published poetry in the years before and after the Civil War, was a poet of no mean ability, "a true poet, of one for whom, indeed, the writing of poetry, whatever its nature or subject, was an inescapable...
The Age of a Jazzwoman: Valaida Snow, 1900-1956
When, in 1939, Adolph Hitler ordered the High Commander of the German Army to prepare the offensive of the West, the threat of war encouraged many brothers and sisters living abroad to return to the United States. Mabel Mercer, an entertainer living...
The 'Colored American' and 'Alexander's': Boston's Pro-Civil Rights Bookerites
August Meier, Louis Harlan and other scholars have demonstrated that African-American militants and accommodationists shared some common ideological ground despite their rhetorical differences between 1895 and 1915. While the central antagonists, W.E.B....
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