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Articles from Vol. 44, No. 4, 2012

China's Export Restrictions of Raw Materials and Rare Earths: A New Balance between Free Trade and Environmental Protection?
ABSTRACTOn March 13, 2012, Japan, the United States, and the European Union filed Requests for Consultations (Requests) with the World Trade Organization (WTO), contesting China's export restrictions on rare earth elements (REE). The Requests were long...
Complicity and the Law of State Responsibility
Complicity and the Law of State Responsibility, by Helmut Philipp Aust. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011. Pp. 520. $125.00 (hardcover).Complicity and the Law of State Responsibility discusses the responsibility of individual nations when they...
In the World of Social Media, When Does "Private" Mean Private? a Critique of Germany's Proposed Amendments to Its Federal Data Protection Act
"I must confess that I've never trusted the Web. I've always seen it as a coward's tool. Where does it live? How do you hold it personally responsible? Can you put a distributed network of fiber-optic cable 'on notice'? And is it male or female? In other...
Privacy in the Age of the Hacker: Balancing Global Privacy and Data Security Law
I. INTRODUCTIONThe twin goals of privacy and data security share a fascinating symbiotic relationship-too much of one undermines the other. Unregulated Internet monitoring in security's name emasculates privacy, while privacy laws that heavily burden...
Territorial Integrity and the Law of Statehood
ABSTRACTInternational law of statehood is marked by two fundamental problems: the inadequacies of the statehood criteria and the shortcomings of both traditional recognition theories-constitutive and declaratory. Based only on the statehood criteria...
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