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Articles from Vol. 2002, No. 4, 2002

Product Liability and Game Theory: One More Trip to the Choice-of-Law Well
Modern scholarship defends the view that current choice-of-law trends are conducive to a balanced approach to product liability law, in which each state's substantive law is unlikely to favor plaintiffs or defendants. This article takes issue with that...
Promoting Progress or Rewarding Authors? Copyright Law and Free Speech in Bonneville International Corp. V. Peters
I. INTRODUCTION As a broadcast medium, radio traditionally has been subject to government regulation that would be prohibited by the First Amendment if applied to other speakers.1 Although the factors that justify speech-infringing regulation of radio...
Threats, Free Speech, and the Jurisprudence of the Federal Criminal Law
"[A] true threat is not pretected by the first Amendment."1 IMAGE FORMULA5"To the extent that the [lower] court's judgment rests on the ground that ... citizens were 'intimidated' by 'threats' of `social ostracism, vilification, and traduction,' it is...
Warrantless Home Arrests and Police Liability under Utah Law
I. INTRODUCTION Well-intentioned law enforcement officers in Utah beware. The forced entry statute found in section 77-7-8 of the Utah Code violates the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. The plain language of this statute misleads peace...
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