The Journal of Parapsychology

A semiannual journal of experimental research results in the field of parapsychology. Published by the Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC.

Articles from Vol. 61, No. 4, December

How the Big Orthogonal Seven Is Really the Oblique Seven
Lawrence, Roe, and Williams (1997) reported a study using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) on Revised Paranormal Belief Scale (Tobacyk, 1988) data from 131 Scottish university students. The authors focus on a test between two structural models of paranormal...
Meta-Analysis of Free-Response ESP Studies without Altered States of Consciousness
Some of the strongest claims for the reality, of extrasensory perception (ESP) in recent years have come from "remote viewing" studies. The term remote viewing is somewhat elastic in meaning, but, in recent years, has tended to be used to refer to free-response...
Reality and Imagination: A Psi-Conducive Confusion?
What makes a psi-conducive state? The suggestion is made here that psi occurs when there is a confusion between reality and imagination. Most of our experiences are clearly either real or imagined, and we can usually tell the difference between real...
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